The A-Hole Victim

The A-Hole Victim

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Yes, they deserved to die, and I hope they burn in Hell!
~ Carl Lee Hailey's famous quote, A Time to Kill.

The term "Asshole Victims, subtly referred to as "A-Hole Victims, is the TV Tropes-popularized term about a character’s(usually villain) misfortune that deemed more satisfying than looked symphatetic to both viewer and heroes due to his/her depraved personality. This is the opposition of instance where should similar misfortune happened to a good guy, he/she obviously would be symphatized more. A-Hole Victim’ misfortunes are usually not indirect result of his/her actions, but mostly implied by their own worse personality.

How a person turned into A-Hole Victims would varies, but primary reasons is to made his/her victims to be more symphatetic or in the greater extent, looked far more heroic than their tormentors. So, depend on the plot where they featured at as well as how depraved their personality, becoming an A-Hole Victims can be considered as comeuppance for destroying a character's innocence should they were punished by their own victims.

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