Abigail Williams' Necklace, also known as Abigail Williams' Pendant, is a necklace that belonged to the legendary witch Abigail Williams herself, who recieves her power from it. And it is one of many magic items in the 2010 Disney fantasy movie The Sorcerer's Apprentice. Most sorcerers receive their power from rings.

When Maxim Horvath uses the Parasite Spell on her, he takes her necklace and places it on his staff.


Abigail Williams

Abigail Williams

This pentagram-like pendant is worn by Abigail Willaims, the nightmarish 17th century witch whose legend was responsible for putting the town of Salem, Massachusetts on the map before being imprisoned in the Grimhold by the noble wizard, Balthazar Blake.

Centuries later, Horvath freed Abigail from her imprisonment, Later, Horvath uses the Parasite Spell on her, he takes her necklace and placed on his staff.


Abigail Williams's Necklace is made of black silver, and is shaped like an upside-down star with a circle around it, an reversed pentagram which is a common occult symbol in black magic. The necklace resembles a star-shaped sigil that is the symbol of the Morganians, when without the circle. It has a long red thread that holds it.

Powers and Abilities

The Necklace's powers are same with magic rings which are cataclysts (items with magical properties). It is what fuels or harness Abigail Williams' dark powers and also it also emits a glowing, dark orange aura around it when its supernatural energy is being charged or when Abigail uses her Necklace to conjure her accursed magic.

Videogame appearance

Abigail Williams the Witch

Abigail Williams as seen in the videogame The Sorcerer's Apprentice.

Abigail Williams' Pendant is featured in the 2010 Nintendo DS videogame adaptation of Disney's The Sorcerer's Apprentice with Abigail herself as the game's fourth boss.



  • Like Maxim Horvath and Sun Lok, Abigail Williams used this pendant as her own catalyst as opposed to using a ring to perform magic.