An image showing the progression of ranks.

The Accelerated Training Program is an A.A.H.W. initiative created by the Auditor some time around Madness Combat 5. The program led to the creation of two new sets of units within the A.A.H.W.: the A.T.P. Engineers, who specialized in intelligence and leadership, and the A.T.P. Soldats, who featured increased aggression and better combat skills.

The A.T.P. Soldat facility was later attacked by Sanford and Deimos. After fighting and defeating the A.A.H.W forces stationed there, Deimos planted a bomb and blew it up, apparently shutting down the Soldat portion of the A.T.P.

However, A.T.P. Engineers continued to appear and lead squads of l33t Agents. Two A.T.P. Engineers were later bestowed dark powers by the Auditor, enhancing their durability and fighting skills, allowing them to perform far better in combat and even kill Deimos.

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