The Afterworld

The Afterworld

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The Afterworld is a hidden and dark other dimension that was one of the forgotten realms within Hell and a location in the Spawn comic book franchise.

This supernatural world is inhabited by Smut, Ticki-Tacki and several other gruesome Hell-born monsters.

It is here that Spawn was bitten by a Wampyr.


  • Spawn Angela Issue #3
  • Spawn Blood Feud Issue #3



  • It is unnamed throughout the Spawn series until Spawn Blood Feud Issue #3 that Spawn himself refers to it as The Afterworld.
    • The name "Afterworld" is also a afterlife term describing a supernatural world inhabited by spirits (of the deceased), a place believed to be a state of existence beyond death, particularly a hell or a heaven. It is also synonymous with the words "otherworld", "next world", "the beyond" and the "great beyond", meaning life beyond the grave.

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