Anthonys Bobblehead

Anthony's Bobblehead

The Anthony's Bobblehead was made a First Appearence and the Main Antagonist in "MY BOBBLEHEAD IS EVIL!" it was given to Anthony by Ian who bought it from "a dude" in china town who told him it was cursed. When received by Anthony, he keeps telling him "you should kill Ian!". When Anthony think's its his imagination, he explains that he is real and that he is the chaotic part of him that he doesn't want to let out. Trying to stop the madness, Anthony wraps him in a baby blanket, throws him in the trash, throws the trash in a hole he dug, buries him and pours cement over the spot where he was dug into. But when Anthony think's it's over, he finds his bobblehead in his bedroom again. Finally, after convincing him to kill Ian, his plan fails after Anthony comes to his senses after almost electrocuting Ian with a toaster while he is in the shower. Anthony's bobblehead quickly decides that he should kill Anthony and Ian himself. After a long struggle between the two, Anthony grabs him while he electrocutes himself with the toaster in the shower therefore killing the bobblehead as well.


  • Anthony's and Ian's Bobblehead was also in Stores but it Will Never to Kill You (Maybe)


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