The Anti-Charge Bazooka

The Anti-Charge Bazooka

The Anti-Charge Bazooka was a powerful hand-held energy weapon utilized briefly by the AIM organization and an object in Marvel comics.

It was literally only mentioned in a few panels so specifics on its design is not known but it was clearly of advanced military worth and seemed to be packed with many missiles (or similar projectiles) - it was obviously quite prized by the AIM agents who planned to use it as they believed it would have the power to kill Nick Fury himself, before the weapon could prove its worth however a SHIELD Agent used a bola to cause the gunman utilizing the bazooka to fire wild, missing his target.


A band of A.I.M. agents who were transporting a statue of a dragon which held the secret of the Ultimate Annihilator weapon were attacked by S.H.I.E.L.D. agents led by Nick Fury. One of the agents told a sniper to use his Anti-Charge Bazooka to kill Fury, but just as he fired, S.H.I.E.L.D. agent Clay Quartermain hurled a bola around the two agents, causing the blast to fire wild. All of the A.I.M. agents were defeated.


the Anti-Charge Bazooka os a large but presumably light-weight firearm that was capable of being used by a single gunman, it held within its formidable form a multitude of small missiles that could easily destroy a living target : these were clearly not heat-seeking or homing however as they were prone to firing at wild if the gunman did not have a clear shot at their victim.


  • the Anti-Charge Bazooka carries a tradition in Western comics of the "Really Big Gun" trope - popularized with 90s anti-heroes such as Cable, the use of such stylized, often massive, weaponry is often a source of amusement to those not familiar with the fantastical nature of comic books.
  • This device must be confused with 4 characters who are named "Bazooka" or a name sounding like the word itself:
    • Bazooka Joe (same name as the ), from the less known Marvel Vision comic books.
    • Bazooka Moe, a mysterious young boy living in Neuter Tokyo from the What The--?! comics.
    • Dwight Frye (also nicknamed "Bazooka"), a patient at the Clinic for Paranormal Research and a member of the Black Powers group from the DP7 comic books.
    • Zooka (also sometimes spelled "'Zooka"), a bazooka-wielding henchman of Mr. Morgan from the Power Man comics.