The Apocalypse Armor

The Apocalypse Armor

The Apocalypse Armor is the signature armor of the Marvel super-villain, Apocalypse and is his most recognized and long-running piece of equipment in media : the armor is of Celestial design and amplifies Apocalypse's already godlike mutant abilities tenfold, allowing him to go toe-to-toe with the entire X-Men and some of Marvel's most powerful heroes (such as the Hulk).

The armor itself became a plot device in a storyarc involving Apocalypse's young clone, Genesis, who despite being a heroic individual was forced into wearing the armor by the malevolent Brotherhood : upon wearing the armor Genesis started to display the same behaviors as Apocalypse but managed to fight against it.


  • According to Rick Remender's interview, the armor was created by the Celestials who provided it to "evolutionary caretakers" of emergent species and enhanced the power of their wearers.
  • In the same interview, he commented that every species as an individual such as Apocalypse who seek to promote the growth of that race and Apocalypse was the first of the Mutants who was given such armor
  • Under normal circumstances, Remender commented, the Clan Akkaba were responsible for conducting a ceremony where they called on the Celestials to give their "caretaker" with power and their armor.
  • The Armor has no official name and has been referred to only as armor or as Celestial made armor. It is later referred to as "Apocalypse Armor" by Psylocke in "Uncanny X-Force Vol 1 35".
  • In Remender's interview, the armor worn in "Final Execution" was used by a younger Apocalypse possibly during Egyptian times.
  • It is sometimes called "Apocalypse's Armor".

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