Ashcroft Beta Series

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Ashcroft Series 
was a new model of realizers created on Deus.Ex.Machina Industries by Edgar F. Caroll. The Ashcroft series is a new project of DEM consisting of five known Combat Realizer Units in the spin-off manga Date AST Like/Date A Strike. The units are unique that once it is equipped it can no longer be use by other Wizards aside from the first person to use it unless another Wizard is given a special-key card.

The Ashcroft Series are 5 CR- Units created from the Artemisia B. Ashcroft memories.

Realizer Units

  • <Alice> - Capable of creating protection against other territories and creating boundary fields like <Ashcroft Beta>.
  • <Jabberwock> - Is capable of creating anti-territory fields rendering other CR-units useless.
  • <Lion> - Specialized in long range bombardment.
  • <Unicorn> - Excels in melee combat.
  • <Cheshire Cat> - Is equipped with an AI navigation system called <Bell>, self-healing function and a pair of amour piercing claws.

Aside from the Ashcroft, Minerva Liddell wore a CR-Unit from DEM before taking <Jabberwock> from Cecil O'Brien.




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