The Bad Boss

The Bad Boss

Bad Bosses are a very common villain archetype - especially when dealing with more psychotic or malevolent villains, it is what happens when a villain prone to acts of senseless cruelty becomes the leader of an organization (usually terrorist and/or criminal, since they'd be far too volatile for all but the most barbaric of political parties).

Similar to the Caligula archetype they are (as the name implies) absolute nightmares to work for and are as likely to abuse, terrorize and even kill their own minions as they are the hero - due to their brutal "leadership" they are normally only followed by the insane and ruthless or by those who are simply too scared to do anything else.

This archetype is related to the phenomena of "For The Evilz" and goes beyond even "failure-intolerance" as these villains do not even need the excuse of failure to inflict misery on their own minions.


  • Lemongrab is an infamous example of this archetype, though done purely for comedy.
  • Black Mask is another infamous example, using torture and death on his minions often without warning or reason.

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