The Balkan Church

The Balkan Church

The Balkan Church is a Christian church within the haunted town of Silent Hill belonged to the local religious cult known as The Order and a location visited in the original Silent Hill game. It is located in the Old Silent Hill section of the town on the corner of Bloch St. and Bachman Rd.

Harry Mason first meets Dahlia Gillespie here following his journey in the Otherworld version of Midwich Elementary School. Harry is drawn to the church by its ringing bells, most likely rung by Dahlia herself. After leaving Harry with her explanation of what's happening to the town (although further confusing him), Dahlia also entrusts Harry with the Flauros. Harry also finds the Drawbridge Key inside the church and is then able to enter Central Silent Hill during his ongoing search for his missing adopted daughter Cheryl.



  • Henry Townshend has a photograph of the church in his bedroom within his apartment in Silent Hill 4: The Room.
  • A church appears in the Silent Hill comic book "Past Life". It is possible that this church may have been the Balkan Church in its earlier days.

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