Beauty is Bad

Beauty is Bad

Beauty is Bad is one of the popular tropes regarding villain where his/her attractive appearance contrasts his/her evil nature.


Who and what kind of villains whom characteristics fit with this trope?

Everyone knows that traditionally, heroes are portrayed to be attractive, clean and well-mannered while villains looked ugly, unhygienic, and boorish. However, this not always the way to define a character's morality, as some villains revealed to be as attractive, if not more handsome/beautiful than the hero/heroine who opposed him/her. Depend on the plot, these villains may either beautiful from start or used to be ugly until find the way to improve their appearance and embraced it. More than often, they portrayed as a vain, crass, vulgar, shallow, self-absorbed, unintelligent jerk. Some heroes may share these personality traits, but usually in lesser extent.

Some cases shown them appeared alongside equally good looking hero/heroines, and more than often, villains whom traits fits with what explained in this trope had his/her true nature revealed later as story progresses.







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