The Bed of Sorrow

The Bed of Sorrow

The Bed of Sorrow is the name of a cursed item as well as an associated ritual, which is said to grant those brave enough to attempt said ritual up to an entire week of good luck but curse the same user with unspeakable depression should they fail in any of the steps involved.

The Bed of Sorrow originated as a creepypasta but like many online rituals has ascended into the realms of pseudo-occult, with some trying to use it as real magic (others simply adding to the story by giving it a more "legendary" backstory).

Origins of the Bed of Sorrow

According to the original story the Bed of Sorrow was formed when a poor soul withered away upon a bed, weeping day and night into the sheets and never leaving to eat, drink or relieve themselves - after the tortured soul died they were removed from the bed and given a burial but the bed had taken in the negative energy of its former owner.

This resulted in the bed displaying unnatural abilities, such as the once white sheets turning blood red - apparently attempts were made in the past to destroy the bed and end the curse but this was apparently not successful and the bed is said to manifest to this day within any abandoned house that happens to have a single room with a red door.

The Ritual



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