Being Tortured Makes You Evil

Being Tortured Makes You Evil

Being Tortured Makes You Evil is a TV-Tropes-popularized term about the villains who were being tortured or abused, both mentally and psychically, turned evil due of being inflicted with pain and suffering that they endured. Motivation of torture that resulting a character become evil in this way ranges from simply mere amusement to more complex and systematic one, the way a Big Bad indoctrinated his subjects.


Usually, the villains here are once the good guys or the protagonists in the beginning, until they were tortured by other villains or other characters, the pain was so severe and intense, yet they sometimes endured until they turned to the dark side as their minds were slowly consumed with hatred, fear, pain, etc.

If compared with other scenarios a character turned to the dark side, this scenario of course, most painful ones, considering it's more than often characters who turned to the dark side having horrific scars in both body and mind.


Anime & Manga


Comic Books

  • Jason Todd: Jason was tortured by Joker and is left to die in an explosion. After revived via Superboy's actions during Infinite Crisis and later dipped into Lazarus Pit for full resuscitation (though in other adaptation he survived the explosion somehow before faked his death or Lazarus Pit was sold reason for his revival), Jason, hurted by the torture and the fact where Batman prefer to let justice handle his tormentor's fate, Jason choose to become violent vigilante named Red Hood based on former alter-ego of man who eventually become Joker.


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Animated Films

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Live-Action Films

  • Koba: He was tortured through experiments by the human scientists, which caused him not only becoming smarter but also caused him to despise humans.


  • Hades Izanami: She was once being used in Relius Clover's painful experiments, which caused her to become a monster that she was.


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