The Black Chronicle

The Black Chronicle

The Black Chronicle is a mysterious tome containing dark magical powers and a main antagonistic plot element in the DS videogame Radiant Historia.

This book is similar to it's polar opposite known as the White Chronicle in many ways, and the main weapon of the main antagonist Heiss who used it against the protagonist, Stocke. With it, someone will try to alter history to bring forth the sand plague and end life within all the continent. Stocke's goal is to prevent such catastrophe by using the White Chronicle wisely, uncover major conspiracies and ultimately preserve the lives of the people in the continent of Vanquieur.

Later revealed is the fact that the holder of the Black Chronicle has always been someone who only holds grief from the past and travels through history to see how the world is an imperfect one and needs to end. Hence, why it is the counterpart of the White Chronicle.

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