The Black Star was the Bagura's dark extradimensional prison where he was also becomes defeated by White Bomberman and the Bomber warriors in Bomberman Wars. This place serves became his domain serving as last stage in Bombeman World.

Despite of the name, this place itself is a vortex with a large dark skull imprinted on it. Here is covered with space stations, ships, machines and dark atmosphere.

In story intro, a cosmic skull appear in Bomber Nebula and force of same free Dark Force Bombers in their crystals prisons which was locked by White Bomberman and Bomber warriors for a long time ago. After the both heroics Bombermans imprisons 4 Dark Force Bombers again, the vortex appear again in certer in planet form. White Bomberman survive in all dangerous devices for battle with Bagura. This vortex is destroyed after of God-Header explosion.


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