The Blimpnik

The Blimpnik

The Blimpnik is a dirigible designed and operated by the villainous scientist Doctor Robotnik. It is modeled after the Doctor's signature (and ugly) face and costume.

The Blimpnik was first built and used during the construction of his Club Robotnik resort.

Sonic the Hedgehog boarded the Blimpnik by disguising himself as a pizza delivery man, fooling Scratch and Grounder. He was briefly captured by Robotnik, using a trap made of leather straps on the inner wall of the blimp, but Sonic managed to escape by tricking Grounder into hitting the release button. Sonic escaped onto the top of the gas bag, pursued by Robotnik and the Badniks, and Robotnik accidentally popped the bag by shooting it with his Hedgehog Harpoon.

Other Blimps

In other episodes, there were blimps utilized that either look like the Blimpnik or share's its namesake qualities.

  • In the episode "Baby-Sitter Jitters", The blimp Scratch and Grounder uses after capturing Becky, Bucky, and Chucky looks very similar to the Blimpnik. However, it lacks Dr. Robotnik's facade, and appears to guided by wind turbine motor.
  • The Robo-Blimp


    In the episode "Road Hog", Dr. Robotnik utilizes a blimp that is called the "Robo-Blimp" to spread mind control gas made from the Mind Pollens found in Colonel Stench's special artificial flowers, used it upon all of Mobius in order to conquer the planet, but it looks entirely different from the original blimp. It is also where Sonic after broke free from a hypnotic trance, faces Robotnik and threw a sharp nail tag on the Blimpnik and destroys it. Robotnik survives the crash and landed in a swamp, but soon gets chased by a hungry crocodile.


  • The Blimpnik shares similarities with the Iron Blimp which is owned by the evil kingdom Iron Dominion ruled by the ruthless Iron King and the malevolent Iron Queen. Both are evil dictators' personal namesake dirigibles used to transport these villains, as well as their allies to any destination across the sky.