The Book of Ages

The Book of Ages

The Book of Ages is an ancient book that magically records all history on itself. It is locked away in a parallel dimension, and only ancient beings know how to find it. If anyone write anything on it, history will be changed according to what was written.

Shendu sought the book after failing to release his fellow Demon Sorcerers from the Netherworld, to change history so that he and his brethen would rule the world again.

Jade Chan however is immune to the book's power when she had a piece of its pages and assemles the J-Team to battle the Demon Sorcerers as she rewrites the Book of Ages and return the world back to normal.

Powers and Abilities

As the Book of Ages writes all history as it goes, one can simply change a page, thus changing history or empowering anyone through unexplainable means. Also, if someone gets a piece of their part in history, they remain immune to changes.


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