The Bottomless Pit

The Bottomless Pit

The Bottomless Pit is a common device found in fiction and folklore - an imaginary chasm that goes on (seemingly) forever: it can also be used in a loose term for any extremely deep chasm whether man-made or natural.

A great many villains in fiction and folklore utilize Bottomless Pits as Death-Traps and many villains also fall into seemingly Bottomless Pits when they are defeated (this is a staple of most classic Disney villains).

A Bottomless Pit may also symbolize the spiritual curse of Damnation - especially if the pit has flames or demonic imagery within it, for example the legendary Lake of Fire talked of in the Bible is theoretically a "bottomless pit" as it would contain all the evil spirits, fallen angels and unrepentive criminals of this world (and perhaps many more).



  • The Bottomless Pit is another name for Hell in a religious sense.