Breaking Free from Prison

Breaking Free from Prison

Free at last!!!
~ Uka Uka upon breaking free from his underground temple prison.

Every fictional villian breaks free from their prison and threats to take over any world.

Most often, wrongdoers escape from prison by themselves in several different methods.

  • Blowing up their cell or whatever form of imprisonment.
  • Digging underground.
  • Using stealth and/or disguise to avoid detection and evade capture by authority figures.

And in some cases, someone might unknowingly allow the evildoer to escape from jail. And in other times, a villain would have to make allies with other prisoners to aid them in their escape.



  • Discord escapes from his statue form.
  • Tai Lung escapes from prison.
  • Jafar escapes from his magic lamp thanks to an unsuspecting Abis Mal.
  • Grune the Destroyer (in his ghost form) escapes from his tomb.
  • Sideshow Bob escapes from prison and threatens to kill Bart and his family.
  • Hexxus escapes from his tree prison.

Live-Action Movies

  • Imhotep has been revived when somebody reads the Book of the Dead.
  • Dr. Evil and Mini-Me escape from prison.
  • Megatron escapes from his icy-encased prison to retrieve the Allspark cube.
  • Dr. Claw digs his way out of Riverton Prison
  • Rita Repulsa and her henchmen escapes from the Space Dumpster.
  • Shredder is broken out of prison by Dr Baxter Stockman and the Foot Clan while being transferred between prisons. During this, Bebop and Rocksteady use the ambush to make their own escape.
  • Mr. Freeze is broken out of Arkham Asylum by Poison Ivy and Bane and lives in her lair.


(Abis Mal and his goons are at the desert well.) (Abis Mal: [to himself] That stinkin' Aladdin! First chance I get, I'll slice him in half!) (Thief 1: [aside to other thieves] That stinkin' Abis Mal!) (Thief 2: First chance we get, let's slice him in half!) (Abis Mal: Hey, get over here and wash up! It's bad enough having to look at you without having to smell you!) (Thief 3: Come. We do it now. No witnesses. [brandishes his sword]) (Abis Mal dumps a pail of water on himself, and Jafar's lamp falls out of the pail and hits him on the head.) (Abis Mal: OW! What is this? So help me, I'll sue whoever runs this well! A lamp? [picks it up] Well... [chuckles] It might be worth a few shekels once it's cleaned up. [he rubs it]) (Thief 1: It will be of little use to you, Abis Mal... except to light your way... to the valley of the dead!) (The thieves pull out their swords ready strike Abis Mal, when suddenly, red smoke erupts from the lamp.) (Thief 2: AAAH! It is bewitched!) (All the thieves except Abis Mal get on their horses and ride away in panic; while Abis Mal stares on in shock and terror as Jafar's evil cackle is heard as he comes out of the lamp.) I AM FREE! Free to avenge the one he who has imprisoned me!
~ Jafar unwittingly released from his lamp by Abis Mal.


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