The Bulldozer

The Spider Tank

The Bulldozer is a demonically-possessed bulldozer machine and a subboss in Spawn: Armageddon.

After Spawn arrived at the nondescript, yet heavily defended, warehouses on the coast of Manhattan Island where Jason Wynn's private army of dedicated security guards are equipped with the latest in military technology and where these weapons arrive at regular intervals and are stored in, he began his investigation there. It may seem surprisingly empty, because, as he move forward on the other side of the area, no enemies will form to attack him, yet. But as Spawn reaches a stone wall on the opposite side of the area, the Bulldozer came and attack. The Bulldozer was one of the examples of the Hellhole's spreading influence on Earth's machines as the demons of Hell are being let loose upon the unsuspecting people of the world.

After the Bulldozer was destroyed with the creature's hidden eye exposed and crushed, Spawn will continue to fight more foes including 2 Spider Tanks and a siege of Angel Hunters before finally escaping the warehouses and returned to New York City.


When the the Bulldozer originally appears, you cannot damage him - you can only damage him, when he lifts his shield-like front. So, simply run back, until he stops moving. When he stops, he will call upon 1 to 3 Berserkers, depending on how low his life is. However, you cannot focus on them yet, because at this time, he lifts his front part.

To be able to attack him, equip your Hell Speed Hell Power, and activate it. While in your super speed, dodge or jump over the Berserker demons and focus your attack on his eye, until he drops his shielding again, at which point, you'll have to focus on the Berserkers.

Be ready, as he may decided top charge forward again, and this will damage you, if you are never prepared.

By defeating the Berserkers, you might gain health or necroplasm - necroplasm would be good, as you need it to use Hell Speed - if at any time you run out, you will have to attack Bulldozer without hell speed, and that may prove more difficult, as the Berserkers will be attacking you as you try to attack him.

Pick up any power-ups that are dropped, and try to keep this pattern up. If you are successful, Bulldozer will be defeated, and you will be granted access to move forward, into the warehouse, through the door ahead. You will also pick up a very powerful set of guns, the Brimstone Cannons.