A Bullet Bill as seen in New Super Mario Bros.

Bullet Bills are recurring enemies in the Mario series. They are fired by Bill Blasters to stop Mario. Bullet Bills are black in color and are fired out of Bill Blasters. They usually go in a straight line and can be stopped only if someone stomps on top of it. They are immune to fire balls fired by Fire Mario and can only be defeated by a Starman or by stomping. Bullet Bills also appear in the last episode of the show, Super Mario Bros. Super Show.


Bombshell Bills

A Bombshell Bill is a Bullet Bill in Paper Mario. It is fired by a Bombshell Blaster in Bowser's Castle. They later appear in the Palace of Shadow in Paper Mario: The Thousand Year Door.

Banzai Bills

Main article: Banzai Bill

A Banzai Bill is a large Bullet Bill in

Mad Banzai Bills

A Banzai Bill appears in Super Princess Peach.

Mad Bullet Bills

A Mad Bullet Bill is a faster version of Bullet Bill.

Glad Torpedo Teds

A Glad Torpedo Ted soars up and down, also invincible.

Torpedo Teds

A Torpedo Ted is an underwater version of a Bullet Bill. It appears in Super Mario World, also Super Princess Peach.

Biting Bullet Bills

A Biting Bullet Bill is a dark-red Bullet Bill but will fly towards Yoshi.

Bullet Biff

Known as Gira in Japan, a Bullet Biff is an enemy with a rocket attached. It appears in Super Mario Land.

Bouncing Bullet Bills

A Bouncing Bullet Bill appears in Yoshi's Island only in Raphael's Castle.

Missile Bills

There are two Missile Bills in two games. One appears in Super Mario Bros. 3. The other is purple in Super Mario Sunshine fired by a Monty Mole.

Pidgit Bills

Although they look like the enemy Pidgit, Pidgit Bills act like a Bullet Bill by flying in a straight line.

Sniper Bills

Sniper Bills are Bullet Bills who carry long-scope guns and fire at Mario and Luigi and three Bullet Bills at them.

Gold Bullet Bill

A Gold Bullet Bill is a Bullet Bill found only in New Super Mario Bros. 2. They occur when Mario has turned them into Golden Coins.

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