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Captures & Kidnapping

Captures & Kidnapping

If you follow me, she dies.
~ Thrax to the police while kidnapping Leah Estrogen.

In any story, there comes a time when the villain captures or kidnaps someone (usually the hero, heroine, or someone he/she cares about). He or she does it for these reasons:

  • To use as bait or lure the hero/heroine into his or her trap.
  • To use as a slave.
  • To demand a ransom.
  • To demand someone's obedience.
  • In the case of the heroine, to marry against her will.
  • To feed or sacrifice to a god or a monster.
  • To force the police not to follow him or her.
  • In the case of predators or monsters, to devour someone.

Not all villains can do that, but when the antagonist abducts or captures someone, it can quite raise the stakes. Noteworthy examples are alien abductions, Captain Hook's kidnapping of the Darling children, and Lo Pan capturing Miao Yin and Gracie Law to marry/wed and sacrifice.



  • Captain Hook: kidnaps the Darling children and the Lost Boys to lure Peter Pan to his doom. In Return to Never Land, he does this to Wendy Darling's daughter Jane for the same reason.
  • Jafar: captures Aladdin to keep him from foiling his plot to marry Jasmine and become Sultan. Then, he kidnaps Jasmine to make her his slave.
  • Mother Gothel: kidnaps Rapunzel as a baby to use her magic hair to restore her youth.
  • Ursula: kidnaps Ariel to use as bait to bring down King Triton.
  • Thrax: kidnaps Leah Estrogen to force the police not to follow him or else he will kill her.
  • Captain Gutt takes Manny's family hostage, stating that Manny took everything he had from him and the evil captain intended to do the same.
  • Darth Vader: Kidnaps Princess Leia to force her to reveal the whereabouts of the plans.
  • Kylo Ren: Captures Poe Dameron in a bid to gain the map to Luke Skywalker, then captures Rey to obtain information.
  • Dr. Claw: Kidnaps Penny in the series and the second film.
  • Professor Ratigan: Kidnaps Hiram Flaversham to help him with his plot to usurp the Mouse Queen. Later, he kidnaps Olivia to use as a pawn.
  • Syndrome: Kidnaps Jack-Jack in an act of revenge.
  • Mohawk: Kidnaps Gizmo and torturing him.
  • The Creeper: Takes Darry Jenner in order to eat his eyes at his basement, an abandoned factory.
  • Captain Gutt: takes Manny’s family hostage stating that the mammoth took everything he had and the evil pirate intended to do the same.
  • Evelyn Deavor: Captures Helen and places her under her control with Hypno-goggles. She then lures Bob into a trap so she can capture him and put him under her control as well. Then she captures Lucius and placed him under her control too.


  • Blue Diamond kidnaps Greg Universe to space zoo.
  • Aquamarine & Topaz almost abduct Connie, Onion, Lars, Sadie & Jamie to space zoo.
  • Negaduck: kidnaps Darkwing Duck's girlfriend Morgana Macawbre while she is encased in ice, hoping to get her to use her magic to make the stolen diamonds as big as boulders
  • Negaduck: Kidnaps Darkwing Duck's girlfriend, Morganna Macawbre, to use her in his evil scheme in his diamond smuggling operation and attempt to lure her back into life of crime
  • Plankton: In "Welcome to the Chum Bucket," he kidnaps SpongeBob SquarePants to use as a slave.
  • Azula: She kidnaps Katara to lure Aang into her trap.
  • Sideshow Bob: kidnaps Bart Simpson while fleeing from the Springfield Police and the Air Force
  • Shredder: kidnaps Splinter's daughter, Karai and raises her as his own daughter.


  • Quasimodo Wilson: kidnaps Jonathan to add human meat to his recipes
  • Ammonia Pine
  • Ruber: kidnaps Lady Juliana to use in his plan to break into Camelot and usurp King Arthur and captures Kayley to use as a pawn.
  • Raditz: kidnaps Goku's son, Gohan and instructs Goku to eliminate 100 humans by tomorrow morning, or else Gohan will be killed
  • Muska: captures Sheeta to use her in his plan to obtain the aetherium crystal.
  • David Lo Pan: Kidnaps Miao Yin and Gracie Law to marry them and obtain their blood so he can become mortal.
  • Taurus Bulba: kidnaps a young orphaned girl, Gosalyn Waddlemeyer in order to attempt to gain the access code to the Waddlemeyer Ramrod invented by her late grandfather, Professor Waddlemeyer
  • King Goobot: abducts the adults of Retroville to sacrifice to the goddess Poultra.
  • Megavolt
  • Tin, Pan and Alley: kidnap Jerry Mouse while fleeing from the Twisted Lip bar with the diamond in tow
  • Carface Carruthers: Kidnaps Anne-Marie for profit.
  • Metal Sonic
  • Datamon
  • Bushroot: kidnaps Dr. Rhoda Dendron from the University, to transform her into a half-plant creature like himself so that she will become his bride and the cover girl on the Lawn and Garden Magazine
  • Lord Voldemort: Takes Harry Potter prisoner when he makes his first appearance.
  • Overgrowth
  • Miles Quaritch: Takes Jake Sully captive when learning that he was helping the Na'vi race.
  • Steelbeak
  • Quackerjack: kidnaps Darkwing Duck's adoptive daughter, Gosalyn Mallard while making a quick getaway during a box office robbery
  • General Mandible: kidnaps Princess Bala to keep her from warning Z and the queen about his plan.
  • Jessie, James and Meowth (Team Rocket Trio): kidnap Ash Ketchum's Pikachu multiple times.
  • Bugsy: Them kidnaps Colleen Barker for ransom.
  • Butch and Cassidy: kidnap Professor Oak on the orders of Dr. Namba
  • Sloan Blackburn: Kidnaps Tally for money, setting the plot in motion.
  • Balthazar Bratt: Kidnaps Margo, Edith and Agnes in his getaway jet
  • Nolan Sorrento captures Samantha after she helps Wade and his friends escape.


(Prince Phillip knocks on the door and a voice rings out.) Come in. (He opens the door and steps inside the dark house. Suddenly, the door slams shut and Maleficent's goons pounce on him, throwing ropes around his body! Maleficent watches, smiling wickedly. The goblins continue attacking the prince and Diablo squawks with delight. Prince Phillip struggles to get free, his mouth gagged and his arms bound behind him. Holding a candle, Maleficent walks up to the tied-up prince, gloating.) Well, THIS is a pleasant surprise. I set my trap for a peasant, and lo! I catch a prince. (She laughs with evil glee.) Away with him! But gently, my pets. Gently... (Maleficent's henchmen push the captured prince out the door.) I have plans for our royal guest.
~ Maleficent capturing Prince Phillip to keep him from rescuing Princess Aurora.
(Lilo and Stitch hear a twig snap and as they turn around, Captain Gantu, who is hiding, fires his net gun, trapping them.) Surprise! (laughs) And HERE I thought you'd be difficult to catch. (chortles with evil delight) Silly me. (Nani, searching for her sister: Lilo? Lilo!) (Gantu walks by her and she shrieks with fright. He walks up to his spaceship and pulls out a containment pod. Gantu opens it and tosses Lilo and Stitch inside.) There you go, all buckled up for the trip. (He straps the pod to his ship.) And LOOK...I brought you a little snack.
~ Captain Gantu capturing Lilo and Stitch.
(Jewel is flying away as Nico and Pedro follow her) (Pedro: Jewel! Jewel!) (Nico: Wait up!) (Jewel is sobbing after her argument with Blu when suddenly, without warning, Nigel swoops down grabs around her throat!) Going somewhere, pretty bird? (Jewel: Oh, yeah. I was just on my way to CLAW YOUR EYES OUT!) (Jewel breaks out of her captor's grip and they fight. Pedro and Nico notice this and their eyes widen with terror. Nigel snatches Jewel's legs in his talons.) Temper, temper. Now come along, my dear. We're going to a parade. And EVERYBODY loves a parade. (He laughs maniacally, dragging the struggling Jewel with him.) (Jewel: Let GO of me!) (Pedro: Hey! Get back here! Ain't nobody mess with a friend of Pedro! I ain't havin' it! It's on!) (he starts punching the air) (Nico: What are you on? Did you see the talons on that guy?) (Pedro: Talons? Maybe it's on next time. (they turn and fly away) Ralfieeee!) (Nico: Blu! Help!) (Pedro: Help!)
~ Nigel bird-napping Jewel.
(Captain Hook's pirates slither across the roof, pulling out their weapons. One of the pirates' feet lands on a girder, snapping it. Inside her room, Jane moans and writhes. A sinister metal hook unlocks the window and its shadow looms over her like a ghost. The shadow - Hook himself - opens up the window; Jane wakes up and gasps! Her eyes scan the streets, trying to find out where the sound came from. Jane closes the windows, thinking it's just her imagination, until she hears a creak.) (slowly and evilly) Hello, Wendy. (Jane gasps again, but before she can cry out, one of the pirates pulls a cloth over her mouth, gagging her!) (Smee, stuffing her in a sack: My apologies, miss.) (Hook twirls his mustache, but hears an air raid siren and rushes to the window.) Curses! Bring her down! (The rest of the pirates bring the ship down and lower the plank.) Hurry, Smee! (Jane struggles and kicks inside the sack.) (Smee: Oh come on, now, don't fuss.) (Jane squeals inside the sack as Hook's crew toss her onto the ship.) Cast off, ya mangy dogs!
~ Captain Hook kidnapping Jane to use as bait to lure Peter Pan to his demise.
(Ariel: Oh, Eric, I...I wanted to tell you...) Eric, NO!) (As the sun sets, Ariel cries out and tumbles to the deck!) You're too late! (Ursula bursts into evil laughter as Ariel's legs become a tail.) YOU'RE TOO LATE!) (Ursula's beautiful body swells and explodes, revealing the wicked sea witch she truly is. The crowd gasps in terror as Ursula crawls over to Ariel, grabbing her and clutching her under one chunky arm.) So long, lover boy. (She jumps over the side of the ship, taking Ariel with her.) (Prince Eric: Ariel!)
~ Ursula kidnapping Ariel to use as a pawn.
(Leah Estrogen is urging the brain police after sounding the alarm.) (Leah: This is it, men. Go, go, go, go, go!) (Spinning around, she runs right into Thrax and shrieks with fright.) Hi, baby. (Leah gasps and the police watch the scene with frightened eyes.) (Leah: What are you waiting for? Shoot him!) (Thrax holds his claw to her throat like a switchblade.) If you follow me, she dies. (At this, he dives out the window, taking his captive with him.)
~ Thrax kidnapping Leah Estrogen to force the police not to follow him.
(Peter Parker and Mary Jane Watson are about to kiss when Peter's spider sense tingles. A car crashes through the cafe window, causing the lovers to tumble to the floor. Peter hears thudding footsteps and people run through the streets in terror.) (Mary Jane: What's happening?) (Peter's eyes grow wide. Suddenly, Doc Ock stomps over to the broken window and towers over Peter and Mary Jane like a rhino.) Peter Parker. And the girlfriend. (Peter: What do you want?) (With that, Doc Ock shoots out a tentacle, grabs Peter around the throat, and pulls him closely.) I want you to find your friend Spider-Man. Tell him to meet me at the West Side Tower at three o'clock. (Peter: But I don't know where he is.) (Doc Ock pulls off his glasses.) Find him. (The mechanical tentacles rise above Mary Jane, brandishing sharp claws.) Or I'll peel the flesh off her bones. (To emphasize his point, Doc Ock snaps a claw at Peter.) (Peter, firmly: If you lay one finger on her...) You'll do what? (Doc Ock tosses Peter against the wall, causing rubble to fall on top of him. He puts his sunglasses back on. Mary Jane spins around. An evil grin crosses the mad scientist's face as he wraps the terrified Mary Jane in his tentacles and drags her kicking and screaming out of the shop.
~ Dock Ock kidnapping Mary Jane Watson to set a trap for Spider-Man.
(One of Muska's goons notices Pazu and pulls his gun.) (Agent 1: It's the boy!) (The guard fires at Pazu, ripping a gash in his cheek! With that, Sheeta lunges at him and knocks him down.) (Agent 2: Look out!) (Pazu: Sheeta!) Don't shoot! (Suddenly, Muska rushes over to Sheeta and snatches her by the hair!) Not so fast. (slyly) Well, well, looks like we've caught a little princess. (Pazu: Don't hurt her!) (One of the guards hears Pazu.) (Guard: It came from over there!) (Soldier: Colonel, what's happening?) (Muska and one of his men hold Sheeta in their grasp.) We've found another pirate. And there's one more hiding under your feet.) (Soldier: Yes, sir! We'll get him.) (Sheeta struggles to get free as Muska and his thugs carry her off.) (Pazu: Sheeta, I'll find you!) (Sheeta: PAZU!)
~ Muska capturing Sheeta to use her to lead him to the inside of Laputa's castle.
You are part of the Rebel Alliance and a traitor! Take her away!
~ Darth Vader kidnapping Princess Leia.
(As soon as Quaritch turns off the avatar machines, Jake Sully climbs out of his box and glares at him.) (Jake: Are you out of your goddamn mind?!) You crossed the line. (With that, Quaritch knocks him down with a huge punch, then turns to his guards.) Wheel this meat out of here.) (The guards bind Jake's wrists with zip-ties.)
~ Miles Quaritch capturing Jake Sully.
(Aladdin is pleased that he is one step away from winning Jasmine's heart, so he happily launches himself backward onto the magic carpet.) (Aladdin: YES!) (He floats down to the royal gardens and sighs.) (Aladdin: For the first time in my life, things are starting to go right.) (Suddenly, Razoul's squad of guards ambush Aladdin and grab him! They toss him onto the ground, tying a gag around his mouth.) (Aladdin, muffled: Help! Abu!) (Abu is hanging in a net from a tree; the guards slap manacles on Aladdin's wrists.) (Razoul: Hold him!) (The guards chain up Aladdin's ankles while Razoul ties the carpet to a tree. Jafar slithers up to Aladdin, who looks up to see him leering with evil glee.) I'm afraid you've worn out your welcome, Prince Abooboo. (Aladdin tries to yell at Jafar behind his mouth gag.) (Aladdin, muffled: Why, you - ) Make sure he's never found. (The guards knock Aladdin out cold and throw him into the ocean.)
~ Jafar capturing Aladdin to keep him from foiling his plan to marry Jasmine and become Agrabah's new Sultan.
(Fagin laughs.) (Fagin: Hey, guess what?) (Jenny turns around.) (Fagin: I found a little lost kitten! I don't know, take a look!) (Fagin opens up his hands to reveal Oliver.) (Fagin: Maybe he's yours.) (Jenny, excited: OLIVER!) (Oliver jumps into Jenny's arms and she hugs him.) (Jenny: Oliver, oh, my little...) (Fagin smiles with joy but suddenly, a rumble is heard. He gasps.) (Fagin: Sykes!) (Sure enough, it's Sykes' car, and Fagin waves his arms to stop him.) (Fagin: Sykes! Sykes! I need to - ) (Charging towards him like an angry rhinoceros, Sykes' car spins Fagin around, tangling him up in an anchor rope.) (Fagin: Hey, hey!) (Sykes suddenly opens the car door and grabs Jenny by the arm!) (Jenny: Let me go!) (Jenny screams in terror. Sykes tosses Oliver out the window.) (Fagin, trying to stop Sykes: No, no! Wait! You can't do this!) Keep your mouth shut. Consider our account closed! (Sykes drives away, taking Jenny with him.)
~ Sykes kidnapping Jenny for ransom.
(After reminding Peter Pan to take his medicine, Wendy Darling exits the Home Under the Ground. She slowly steps outside but comes across a horrible sight. John, Michael, and the Lost Boys are standing together, gagged and bound, guarded by Captain Hook's pirates. Wendy gasps as soon as she notices this. Suddenly, a pirate springs out of hiding behind her!) (Pirate: Surprise.) (Wendy is about to scream, but the pirate stuffs a rag across her mouth. The boys cry out behind their gags as Hook sidles over to the captured girl, smiling slyly.) A new era begins. (One of the pirates snickers.) Take them away. (Laughing with malicious glee, the pirates grab up the boys and carry them off. With a sinister laugh, another one does the same to the tied and gagged Wendy. Smee, cackling, waves Michael's teddy bear as if to say goodbye.)
~ Captain Hook capturing the Darling Children and the Lost Boys in Peter Pan (2003).
(Corvus chains Cassia to his chariot.) You better get comfortable, my dear, it's a long way to Rome. (Cassia: Why are you doing this?) Because the property of Quintas Attius Corvus will not be taken by some slave. Proculus, there's not enough room for you. (Proculus: Then I shall see you in Rome, Senator.) (Milo: CORVUS!) (Corvus turns to Milo in confusion, then to his soldiers.) One thousand denarii to the man who brings me the head of that slave! (rides off)
~ Senator Quintas Attius Corvus kidnapping Cassia.
"You're comin' with me, boy! (Cody: My mom'll call the rangers!) (sarcastically) Oh, no! Not the Rangers, what'll I do? What'll I do?! Don't let your mom call the Rangers, please! (Joanna laughs McLeach flings Cody's backpack into the water, where the crocodiles attack it) "My poor baby boy got eaten by the crocodiles, boo-hoo-hoo!" (chuckles, as he grabs Cody) Let's go, boy! (Cody: HELP! HELP!)
~ Percival McLeach kidnapping Cody.
(Manny, Sid, Diego and Granny have finally arrived at the continent, but no one is there. Manny closes his eyes in despair) (Peaches: [in distance] Dad!) (Manny: Wait, did you hear that?) (Diego: Manny, I think--) (Manny: No, I heard something! I heard it!) (As they draw closer, a shadow is shown in the fog) (Diego: Is that--?) (Manny: Peaches? THERE SHE IS!) (Peaches: Dad!) (Manny: We're coming, sweetie! Don't move!) (Peaches: Daddy!) (Manny: Peaches!) (Suddenly, without warning, Captain Gutt emerges from the fog and grabs Peaches, holding a dagger to her throat!) Welcome home, Daddy! (Peaches: LET GO OF ME!) (Manny gasps in horror.) What are the odds? We were just talking about you! You like the new ship? I call her Sweet Revenge! (Silas: And look here! We've got the catch du jour!) (Ellie is tied up with vines to the mast of Gutt's ship.) (Manny: Ellie!) (Ellie: I'm alright! (glares at Gutt) Let my daughter go!) (Gutt laughs.) (Manny: It's OK. He wants me, and he's gonna get me.) (Diego: Huh?) (He notices a weak Shira struggling to her feet.) Sacrificing yourself for your daughter! How touching! How predictable. Now come and get her! (Flynn & Raz lay down a plank bridge for Manny to cross to the next ship.) (Raz: G'day, mate!) (Flynn: Remember us? We're the bad guys!) (Manny: Alright, let them go!) (Gutt chuckles darkly) I don't think so. You destroyed everything I had! I'm just returning the favor. (Manny: NO!) (Manny tries to charge at Gutt, but the crew rapidly lassoes him up.) I warned you...
~ Captain Gutt taking Manny's family hostage, stating that the mammoth took everything he had from him and the evil ape intended to do the same.
(Tantalus snatches Gosalyn up from the Darkwing Tower and brings her to Taurus Bulba) (Gosalyn: AAH! Hey, let go of me! Let me go! Darkwing Duck is gonna crunch you like a stale corn chip!) Your friend won't be coming, he was playing way out of his league. Now your Darkwing Duck is just another jailbird! (Laughs evilly)
~ Taurus Bulba kidnapping Gosalyn Waddlemeyer.
You've been a bad boy, Gru. Can you get the rest of the suitcases? Come on, girls, let's go! Let's get physical, physical! (Lucy leads the girls and goat into the plane) Change of plan, girls. Instead of going home... (Balthazar Bratt yanks off his Lucy Wilde mask, revealing his mustached, leering visage!) WE'RE GOING TO HOLLYWOOD! (Margo, Edith, Agnes and Lucky gasp in horror and Bratt laughs evilly) Now that's what I call acting! (Bratt turns to his robot sidekick Clive at the wheel.) Let's go, Clive. We've got a giant robot waiting!
~ Balthazar Bratt disguising himself as Lucy Wilde and kidnapping Margo, Edith, Agnes and Lucky the goat in his getaway jet.

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