The Cat of Khartoum is an ancient artifact with the power of turning anyone it scratches into a cat-human hybrid and it is an item featured in the Jackie Chan Adventures series.

Jackie finds the statue in a Persian palace, but Valmont had been searching for it as well. In the ensuing fight, Valmont accidentally got scratched by it. Valmont soon found that he can balance and jump. He eventually discovers he's part cat and resolves to use his abilities to further his crimes. Forced to steal it back for a gangster when Jackie is tossed into a jail cell, Jade is able to retrieve the statue, but gets scratched by it.

Uncle had been researching into the Cat's legend and says that the cure lies within. Jackie soon has an epiphany, and decides the Cat is too dangerous to be in a museum. So he smashes the statue, thus releasing a purple-colored gas that cures Valmont and Jade. He then realizes that "The antidote lies within" meant that the antidote was inside the statue itself.