This is a peace that can only be achieved by retiring uncountable numbers of innocent Reploids... This is not what anyone wanted! This place is just a joke!
~ Zero refusing the deceptive "harmony" of Copy X's utopic city of neo Arcadia.
Antauri: Evil does not always advertise, Chiro. Sometimes, it hides behind a smile.
Otto: Or a plate of cookies.
~ Antauri and Otto explaining to Chiro how evil would hide behind the guise of innocence.

This special category is for items, songs/themes, locations and villainous phenomena of all kinds that appear harmless or cute out of context or as part of a clever ploy by a particularly malicious or negative group / force / entity / individual to sneak into everyday life - good examples of Contradictory things are upbeat songs used in the backdrop of horrific crimes (like the song "Wonderful, Wonderful" as played in an episode of The X-Files) or the use of icons that are traditionally harmless yet twisted for evil purpose, while still retaining their innocent exteriors (many haunted dolls as well as playpen-like structures such as the Dollhouse from Are You Afraid of the Dark? etc.).

It can also apply to instances when evil seeps into locations or locales traditionally seen as sanctuaries or something sacred, such as hospitals, churches or places of reverence - often corruption of these places goes hand-in-hand with dark forces and insidious beings seeking to ruin the world or setting by taking places and items that society sees as "pure" and turning them to darkness, alternatively it is used by predatory or stealth-based evils to infiltrate society from within and either take over or destroy it.

Some places such as a peculiar Heaven-Dimension or a similar afterlife-based realm, as well as an amusement park or a casino-like structure, are, as long as they are not "Obviously Evil" - like HorrorLand from the Goosebumps universe or Cartmanland from the South Park cartoon series; it has to try and pretend it is not evil or at least have some twisted remains of former good in it. And that is why not all clowns apply because clowns like The Joker or Pennywise/IT etc., were evil from the get-go so not really contradictory.