Planet Chaar


Chaar is a burned-out planet and the new homeworld of the Decepticons. Ever since the entire Decepticon race were defeated after the battle against Unicron who was about to tear up Cybertron, the Autobots (now led by Rodimus Prime) drove away the Decepticons out of Cybertron into the burnt world of Chaar without Galvatron (Megatron upgraded) in 2006.



  • The spelling "Chaar" (2 As, 1 R) was first revealed in the Marvel Comics adaptation of The Big Broadcast of 2006. Years later, the same spelling was found in internal Sunbow Productions documents, such as the dialogue scripts. This means that the planet's official spelling has been known since 1988... yet the name "Charr" still persists in the fandom to this day, even cropping up in Dreamwave's More than Meets the Eye guidebook.
  • Floro Dery's original design for Chaar was considerably more gnarly and sinister-looking than the version that made it to screen. The planet was jagged (its moon even more so) and had those weird rocky rings similar to the ones that appeared around Quintessa. The caption on Dery's production art describes Chaar as, "a burned-out, Hellish and God-forsaken planet".
  • It was never clear there ever was a final design; Chaar hardly ever appears the same way twice on screen. At one point in the Season 5 episode "Five Faces of Darkness", it was portrayed by a stock shot of the planetoid Goo 8739B (simply known as Goo); another time, it was shown looking like the planet Cybertron itself.

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