The Castle Chaos was the King Bowser's gameboard in Mario Party 10, but this time it is located from one of the Bowser Castle corners.

As its name implies, this evil bastion which is part of Bowser's Castle completely flooded with lava due to strong volcanic eruptions in Koopa Kingdom forming this lava pool, becoming more dangerous, and there are mechanisms in his castle used to control lava. There is stone and metal path over a sea of lava within this treacherous palace.

The heroes team need too confront Bowser who sits on the royal Koopa Throne at the center of the castle, but as always, at the same time, do not leave that easily. Because the lava creatures, Lava Bubbles and Charvaarghs, jumps out, a battle with Mechakoopa emerges, and traps that does back again when someone steps on a Space circle and Bowser spits fireball which takes 46 Stars (unless it stays below the fire line).

When reaching the end of the walkway, they will face off with Bowser himself in both his first form and his skeletal form (Dry Bowser) in the final showdown on an arena away from the castle.



  • This castle's walls are similar to those of Bowser's Castle in Super Mario Bros 3.
  • Unlike the other boards belonging to Bowser, the Chaos Castle is the first, and currently only Bowser-themed board in the entire Mario Party series that not unlockable.
  • Part of the castle's walkway is similar to that within Bowser's Castle in the first Super Mario Bros. game.
  • The Chaos Castle is the first Bowser-themed board since Mario Party 6's Infernal Tower to lack Bowser's name in the title.
  • The Chaos Castle is one of the 3 boards playable in the Bowser Party mode.
  • In Bowser Party mode, the castle gives King Bowser 2 unique attack animations in addition to the standard animations; one when they are climbing the walls in the second area, and another when he becomes a giant in the final area.