The Chaos Energy

The Chaos Energy

Unlike in other versions of the franchise, the Chaos Energy is portrayed as an evil substance in Sonic the Comic. The intergalactic kingdom known as the Drakon Empire were the first to discover this energy, but found it unstable. However, they were able to seal them inside Chaos Emeralds to reserve their power. In fear they could make more, Tikal's father Pochacamac squirreled them away in his home, leading to the Drakons trying to search for it. This energy inadvertently ended up creating the Chaos Monster.


  • Turned Sonic into the highly dangerous Super Sonic, later termed Iblis.
  • Allowed a Metallix to enter a super form.
  • Turned Doctor Robotnik into a god.
  • Could be used to blow up Mobius via agitation.

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