The Chaotic Evil

Chaotic Evil

Chaotic Evil is the alignment showing powerful and fearsome villains. Villains more known of this alignment are entities with maximum power to mass destruction, terrorize people and causing fear. Because that, have characters with this alingment are defeated by other means as: their weaknesses or punished in some void due the danger. They is the direct opposite of Lawful Good as powerful entities which keep order and safe.


  • Deadites: Dark spirits which can be evoked from underworld by Necronomicon Ex-Mortis words.
  • Dark Overlords of Universe: A demonic alien race of tyrants with destructive powers were confined to the mysterious Nexus of Sominus.
  • Wizpig: A evil space swine conquered his own planet and after causing chaos in others planets for always winning the races.
  • Tiki Tong: Powerful Tiki imprisoned inside from Donkey Kong Island was capacity from create eruptions, summon Tikis and control fire.
  • Eyedol: Violent warlord which before was human chosen by Guardians to be corrupted by the evil astral energy became ogre causing destruction and chaos.
  • Gargos: The fiendsh Astral Plane ruler is sealed by Guardians for his corruption.
  • Parallax: A parasitic cosmic entity is the Yellow Sentient Embodiment and fear source which posse in bodies and sucks the victims fear of to reduces in bones.
  • Garlic Jr: Son of Garlic Sr. was able free sealed evil spirits and open Dead Zone portal when receiving immortality. In his defeated, he is sealed in his own void.
  • Shendu: Is the dangerous fire demon sorcerer that was banished by Lü Dongbin in Netherworld and after transformed in statue by Lo Pei.
  • Kavaxas: Lord of the demodragons from the Netherworld cause the disaster to the world in past and banished into the underworld with ancient seal.


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