Chickenpox Island was island full of contaminated chickens discovered by Teen Ninjas and a location in the episode M.A.U.R.I.C.E. of KND: Kids Next Door.

The island contains sand, straws and mountains with nests in top. With the Teen Ninjas arrival, was built a chicken-shaped base and inside of same contains cages with chickens that was source of Teens' Chicken Pox.

The island is searched by Teenages with intention of create chicken pox weapons from contaminated chickens and against remove all caring in world. This island was sought by Maurice for 3 years ago after of incident with Numbuh 8, but never was found. But is invaded by Numbuh 5 in search of Maurice which was decommissioned, but was discovered a Chickenpox Cannon in which Cree Lincoln was in charge of plan.

This island was destroyed by Maurice when same finally fulfills his promise for end up with cannon and everyone evacuated before they blow up.