The Chimera House

The Chimera House

The "Chimera House" is a legendary house found in urban legends that is situated in a remote area and supposedly houses unimaginable horrors within its many rooms, it is said visitors (especially usual young teenagers) are offered great sums of money to enter every room but none have successfully done so - with some who venture too deep into the "Chimera House" disappearing forever.

The "Chimera House" is said to contain demons, ghosts, deformed humans, aliens, undead or any other horrors imaginable - the "Chimera House" may not even be a house at all but a portal to a hellish dimension or outer plane.

Despite the "Chimera House" being a fictional location many people seek it out, usually more as a thrill-seeking rite of passage than an actual desire to enter the place, it is also in some ways an inspiration for the infamous horror movie "House Of 1000 Corpses" directed by heavy metal artist Rob Zombie.


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