The Cobra Terrordrome

The Cobra Terrordrome

The Cobra Terrordrome is a large building and Cobra headquarters owned by the COBRA organization led by Cobra Commander and later the newly created leader, Serpentor created by Dr. Mindbender .

Inside the Terrordrome has an unlimited battalion of Cobra troopers, Crimson Guards, Cobra Vipers, Cobra B.A.T.S., H.I.S.S. Drivers, Cobra Ninja-Vipers, Cobra Eels, Cobra Snow Serpents, Motor-Vipers, STRATO-Vipers, and Tele-Vipers. And inside this fortress lies a Cobra throne room owned by Serpentor.

The Terrordrome stores a lot of unlimited number of weaponized Cobra vehicles and aircrafts, such as the Cobra vulture transport planes, Cobra Rattlers, Cobra HISS tanks, Cobra Stingers, Cobra flight pods, Cobra Firebats, Cobra Night Ravens, Cobra Moray hydrofoils, Water Moccains, Cobra Submarines, Cobra C.L.A.W.S., Cobra STUNS, Cobra Ferrets, and Cobra Fangs.


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