The Coffin Rock

The Coffin Rock

The Coffin Rock, sometimes called the Coffin Hill, is a large flat rock located in the Black Hills Forest in Maryland, home to the infamous legend of the Blair Witch it is featured in the Blair Witch Project franchise. The name itself was a common term used by trappers.

Coffin Rock came into infamy as the location of a ritualistic mass murder in 1886. A search party looking for young Robin Weaver had vanished and were later found nude, tied together and disemboweled with strange pagan symbols carved into their foreheads. When those who'd discovered them returned with help, the bodies had vanished without a trace.

Coffin Rock was one of the stops that Heather Donahue made with her crew filming The Blair Witch Project in 1994 before they all disappeared.

The text from Heather's book reads:

"They went into the woods prepared to find death, what they found was a desecration to humanity. At the site which trappers have often refered to as Coffin Rock. On top of the rock formation, the story of the torture inflicted upon these brave five men unfolded. Each was bound to the other. Each mans hands bound to the next mans feet, forming a solid structure out of the men. Blood at the edge of the hedges had indicated that this act had been committed while each was alive and able bodied enough to struggle. In the torso of each man the intestines had been torn out crudely.

On each man's sun bleached face was inscribed indecipherable writing cut into their flesh with an eerie precision. The men still entranced by the horror of what had happened, left the scene to tell the sheriff what had happened and did not sketch the writing and did not remove the bodies from the rock. Upon returning, vultures were seen at the rock, but upon inspection the bodies had been removed by persons unknown. The search party claimed that the stench of death was still thick. And who ever took the bodies had done so in a "matter of hours."

That happened here, at Coffin Rock.


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