The Communists


All animals are equal, but some animals are more equal than others.
~ Napoeleon's 7th commandment, Animal Farm
Villains who champion the political philosophy of Communism such as those found in the former Soviet Union. Communism is the belief that class systems must be abolished, making everyone truly "Equal". These individuals abused the ideas of this philosophy in order to achieve their own goals and thus became a threat. During the Cold War and subsequent years after the fall of the Soviet Union, Communists were depicted as evil and power-hungry, especially in american media, but this stereotype has become less common in recent times.

IMPORTANT NOTE: like all political ideals, Communism itself is not inherently evil, the type we deal with on this wiki is "Stalinists" thought, which introduced totalitarian elements to it, under these altered laws dictators such as the titular Stalin were able to turn Communism into a tool for conquest and oppression, do not assume every Communist in fiction is automatically "bad", only those that use it to abuse others.


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