The Corrodium is a purple, glowing crystal with mutagenic properties, and it was first introduced in Under Wraps in Ben 10. The Mummy was searching for it in different places, including Dairyville.


Corrodium is a mineral of great potential energy, similar to coal or uranium of earth at a larger scale, and for a time was mined throughout the galaxy as an efficient, large power supply. However, like uranium on Earth, Corrodium has severe side effects and is very unstable, so its use was largely ceased except by the Ectonurites and those within their empire who were immune to the effects.

Aliens from the Anur Belt are known to be immune, due to evolving in close proximity to it.

According to Max Tennyson, Corrodium is not naturally found on Earth (the samples found in Under Wraps are speculated to have come to Earth as part of a meteor a few thousand years earlier).

Powers and Abilities

Corrodium can be used to generate ample supplies of energy, but will mutate many organisms.

Humans and other Earth-native species are particularly susceptible to mutation from the crystal, with their bodies being warped beyond recognition and their minds being corrupted to hostility at anything that moves. The mutagenic effects are temporary, though prolonged exposure to Corrodium would make the mutations permanent. The exposure to corrodium can be negated with proper protection like level 12 hazmat suits.


Corrodium is a crystalline-like substance and glows a purplish color.


  • Corrodium is largely found in the Anur System, especially on Anur Khufos.