Corrupting the Innocent

Corrupting the Innocent

Corrupting The Innocent is term regarding a villain who ruined a person's innocence as means to sway them into pawns or minions.


Comparison With Acts of Destroying The Innocent

Acts of Corrupting the Innocent can be compared with acts Destroying the Innocent as both acts dine to ruin a character (usually good person or at least having child-like mentality)'s innocence. But whereas Destroying the Innocence merely done as part of terrorism, demoralizing enemies/bystanders, or forcing his/her surviving victims to hate him/her and led their lives in fear, Corrupting the Innocent more often done for more complex purpose: To sway a character into the perpetrator's pawn and minion. More than often these corrupted innocent people eventually disposed once the person failed/outlived his/her usefulness.

In either way, this act invokes great feelings of anger and hatred by the public and marks a crossing at Moral Event Horizon. Like Moral Event Horizon, acts of destroying the innocence can also insult/disgusted other villain that witness this event as well, particularly more symphatetic ones. Much like acts of Destroying the Innocent, the impact on the perperator can resulting their reputation invokes immense rage and fear in public's heart, as this act alone may resulted him become irredeemable Complete Monsters or in greater extent, Masters of Horrors.

Forms of Corrupting the Innocent

NOTE: To differentiate between acts of Destroying the Innocent, acts of Corrupting the Innocent mainly focused on forced/pinned a character to the dark side. Various ways a villain corrupt innocent people to their side are:

  • Brainwashing innocent people into slaves.
  • Turning innocent people against each other.
  • Persuading the hero to let his hatred and anger get the better of him.
  • Pitting the hero against someone he/she loves.
  • Training him the wrong way(ex. taught him/her some form of spells/techniques which deemed forbidden/dangerous in the heroes/good guys' standard).


  • Terry Silver: He convinces Daniel LaRusso to turn away from Mr. Miyagi and turn to him for training.
  • Rex Pester: He swayed Drew Pickles against his brother.
  • Dr. Eggman: He swayed Knuckles the Echidna against Sonic and Tails.
  • Marik Ishtar: He convinced Joey Wheeler against Yugi Muto as part of evil plan against Yugi and his past self and alter-ego Yami Yugi.
  • Noah Kaiba: Brainwashes Mokuba Kaiba and turns him against his own brother Seto.
  • Sideshow Bob: He hypnotizes Bart Simpson into assassinating Krusty the Clown at the final show.
  • Slade: Believing Terra as potential pawn better than Robin, he uses her insecurities and desperation to control her powers to sway her against the Teen Titans.
  • Freakshow: He corrupted Danny Phantom via brainwashing ability via his Crystal Ball Staff and have him performing various felonies under his bidding.
  • Plankton: Has used mind control helmet on Bikini Bottomites and even King Neptune to turned them into his slave. This also resulting him become a serious threat to the ocean and beyond, considering how immense King Neptune's powers are.
  • The Omen: He manipulated Jack into believing he has failed his purpose as a samurai and attempted to have him commit seppuku.


Hey, Mr. Pickles, how does it feel knowing your brother lost your only daughter? (Drew Pickles, breathing fire: HE WHAT?!) Share your pain.
~ Rex Pester turning Drew Pickles against Stu to get his money.
Oh, please, I've seen this before. But he was always weak minded. You are Discord, you are legend, you cannot fall into the same trap that claimed my brother! Help me to grow strong, and be rewarded with something far greater than "friendship": freedom.
~ Tirek urges Discord to join him.
You may witness but you cannot proceed any further. (Ashi: Witness what?) The end. [Four of Jack's ancestor appear from their graves] Great warriors of past, I welcome you. This samurai has failed his purpose and has accepted his fate. [Jack grabs the sword and prepares to commit seppuku. Ashi is shocked at what Jack is about to do] (Ashi: Stop!!) [The Omen whacks Ashi aside] This does not concern you. There is no hope. [Ashi stands up] (Ashi: No, hope lives! It is everywhere! I've seen it. Everyone you have touched. The people you have helped. You saved them!) Enough! [Fights Ashi] Hope is just a fleeting sentiment. Your failure is real. You must face the consequences or continue to bear the guilt of your dishonor for all eternity. (Ashi: Jack, don't listen! You're being misguided! I've seen it! You've saved COUNTLESS innocents-but most of all. [The Omen continues to attack her] You showed me the truth! You made me see that there's so much more to me than I know existed! You made me way more than what I was! The hope you gave me SAVED MY LIFE!) Death follows in your wake. Men, women, children. Yes, all those children dead because of you! (Ashi: No! The children! They're alive! You saved them!) No more words! [The Omen prepares to kill Ashi, but Jack protects her and kills him completely]
~ The Omen manipulating Jack into believing he has failed his purpose as a samurai and attempts have him commit seppuku.


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