The Creepy Christ Statue

The Creepy Christ figurine appears in The Exorcist 3: Legion after several street shots lead to a church.

It begins with the Christ figurine in a church hearing growling noises and things from oustide flying into the church, opening its eyes very eerily and blood shown dripping slowly on the statue's head/hands/(feet off screen).

A bowl with a rose is show empty but after the Christ figurine's right hand is shown dripping pink blood, the bowl is suddenly filling up with the blood.

Growls are heared and all of a sudden, leaves, trash, etc. come flying into the church room as the Christ figurine opens it's eyes. As the leaves and trash continue flying around the room, the Christ figurine appears again with a more sinister look and never appears again in the film except in a scene where a woman's wailing is heared.

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