The Crime Central

Crime Central

"Crime Central" is the term referring to the nerve center of a network of criminal activities under the watchful eyes of Wilson Fisk, the Kingpin of pin. The Chrysler Building, one of the famous most recognizable landmarks in New York, serves as the secret site of Crime Central, where the Kingpin and his criminal empire operates. It is a location in Spider-Man: The Animated Series.

There he has employed Alistair Smythe, his Spider Slayers, and Herbert Landon. The sides of the top of the building opened up for a large landing pad and hanger, though no one seemed to notice.

Several people will try to overthrow Wilson Fisk and become the new Kingpin of Crime, such as the Hobgoblin and even the Spot. But all of them will fail.

Daredevil fought Kingpin there and got Spider-Man to realize what was in there.

In a devastated New York within an alternate reality where Spider-Carnage, Alistair Smythe and the Kingpin are, both the Green Goblin and the Hobgoblin hover over the guarded Crime Central and fought there but later seen left after the fight with several Spider-Men of different realities who banded together to stop Spider-Carnage.



  • Crime Central Building

    The Crime Central building as seen in Silver Silver.

    In the animated series Silver Surfer, when Galactus first arrived at Earth, his Worldship's giant mechanical tentacles went past the Crime Central building. It can be seen from the Daily Bugle building.

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