Tha Pixie Rap01:10

Tha Pixie Rap

"Da Pixie Rap" is a rap song that was sung by Head Pixie and Sanderson in the episode "Schools Out!: The Musical" of The Fairly OddParents.


Head Pixie: Yeah
We’re pixies

We’re pixies

Sanderson: We’re pixies
Check out our mad, wicked mixies!
We’ve got square heads
Big pointy caps
Clean out your ears and
Hear my rap!


Sanderson: You in charge!

HP: I may be small
But my goals are large
And I’m not a hater
But I must cater
For my mission, my ambition
To be the world's administrator

Sanderson: I’m Sanderson
and I’m anti-fun
And all those fairies
Can bite my bun
Cause my boss HP
We’re gonna be
The big time rulers!

HP: You got that chief
We’re pixies!
We're pixies!
And since the 1960s

We’ve raised that clown to be our tool
To beat the fairies so we can rule!

We’re pixies!
We’re pixies!
It’s going just as we predict-sies

We can’t stop now
The time is near

HP: When Fairy World

Sanderson: And this world here,
Are ruled by us

HP: By us you hear!

Sanderson: By us you hear

HP & Sanderson: By Pixies, By Pixies

Sanderson: Strong like Bill Bixby!

HP & Sanderson: We’re Pixies!
We’re Pixies
We’re Pixies
Just Pixies

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