The Daddy's Little Villain

Daddy's Little Villain

Maggie: But You can't be my father.
Freddy Krueger: They took you away from me, but I make them pay by taking away their children and NOW....That's over. [evil chuckles]
~ Exchange between Maggie and Freddy Krueger, which revealed that Maggie is the daughter of Freddy Krueger in Freddy's Dead: The Final Nightmare.

Daddy's Little Villain is the term about major female character, often taking role as villainness or heroine, had surprising fact where she revealed to be biological/adoptive offspring/descendant of a notorious villain.


A Daddy's Little Villain may share their parents/grandparents/ancestor's ambition, cunning, and/or cruelty as well as choices that she can take. Their portrayals ranged from simply spoiled brat who knew nothing better to even cunning, diabolical, and even competent villain who pose threat as worse as their parents'/grandparents'/ancestors' do.

When she met and even began to have a crush on the hero, it made her torn between her parents' expectation and goodness that her love interest inspired to her. But her choice would have consequences that she had to endure. She may choose to pretend the hero for a while before returned to status quo where they enemies again as usual or chooses to go for good side and inspire her parents/grandparents/ancestors to do the same where the result depend on the writer.

Should her parental figure defeated/lost at hands of hero, Daddy's Little Villain would planned a revenge, or instead used the opportunity to sit on their position and status to finish what their parental figure started.


  • Sky High: Gwen was raised by Stitches to be evil, and she absolutely hates whenever someone, including Stitches himself, points this out. Also a rare instance of the "little villain" rather than the "daddy" being the dominant partner. Although she was already evil to begin with.
  • The Dark Knight Rises: Bane with Talia Al Ghul, also known as Miranda Tate, who wants to finish her father's evil plan because he was killed in the first movie.
  • The Smurfs 2: Smurfette is played up as this to her "father" Gargamel before her Heel–Face Turn, along with her "sister" Vexy, though to a lesser extent.
  • Freddy's Dead: The Final Nightmare: Freddy Krueger want his daughter Katherine, now known as Maggie Burroughs to join him again as a family which Maggie refuse and kill him with a dynamite in Freddy's Dead. In the comic, Freddy finally turn his daughter evil which he was so proud of her after seeing that she betrayed and murdered her own friends.
  • Captain America (1990): Red Skull's daughter has a prominent role as her father's henchwoman, assassin and right hand.


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