The Dark Palace

The Dark Palace

The Dark Palace is a large black castle with huge spike-like protrusions within the Enchanted Forest that is owned and ruled by the Evil Queen (Regina Mills) and a location in ABC's Once Upon a Time.

This palace was under the ownership of King Leopold. Following his death, his new wife, Regina inherited it.



  • This location is referred to as the Tower Castle in episode scripts.
  • The design of Henry's new playground castle is similar to the Dark Palace.
  • Queen Eva's bedchamber in the palace is the same one later used by Regina during her reign as queen.
  • The Dark Palace is featured in the title card for "The Evil Queen".
  • There is a sculpture of a dragon in Regina's chambers.
    • 2 golden urns can be seen among Regina's wedding gifts. The same urns, but with a different color, are used to decorate Cora's heart vault in her home in "The Doctor".
    • The golden version of the urns are reused later in the series: One of them can be seen aboard the Jolly Roger ship in "Snow Drifts", while the other one doubles as the urn Elsa comes out of in "There's No Place Like Home".
  • The gazebo on the castle grounds from "Bleeding Through", was reused as the gazebo on Bo Peep's estate. The prop/set was redressed for this episode; most noticeably; King Leopold's coat of arms (a lion) was replaced with Bo Peep's crest: a sheep.
    • The same prop/set is used for the Arendelle Castle gazebo in "The Snow Queen". A new roof was added for this episode.

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