The Dark Power Rings

The Dark Power Rings

The Dark Rings are synthesized Power Rings used by Dr. Robotnik as a source of energy and objects featured in the videogame Knuckles' Chaotix. They are reddish-brown in color.


Small versions of Dark Rings are seen throughout the game after the player destroys a Badnik, similar to Sonic Advance 3, but the rings cannot be collected. Every boss in the game is shown to be powered by a Dark Ring, the container of which usually serves as a weak spot. Although the Dark Rings are very powerful, they disintegrate once they leave the object they are powering.



  • The Dark Rings were the evil version of not Power Rings but Chaos Rings.
  • The Dark Rings are sometimes called "Dark Power Rings" and "Dark Chaos Rings".
  • The Dark Rings share the same name with ring-like mind control devices from the Digimon universe.

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