The Dark Vines

The Dark Vines

Dark Vines are spiky, dark-green tentacular plants that sprouts out of the ground usually when the Dark Gems are placed.

These vines also appear in other different locations even after Dark Gems are destroyed such as the beginning of the level in Crocovile Swamp.


The only way to get rid of Dark Vines is to destroy nearby Dark Gems or to gather all the Dark Gems in the realms.

If flamed, the Dark Vines may either go into the ground or be unaffected (usually around a boss level).

Some just cannot be permanently destroyed such as the ones in Crocovile Swamp.

The Vines seem to hate light as they die when they are exposed to sunlight.

Use as a Guard

Dark Vines make a great use as a guard. They protect Gnasty Gnorc's Cave and Red's Chamber. Still, they too will shrivel up when all the Dark Gems in the realms are no more. They can also block off other areas containing treasure such as: Gems, Light Gems, and Dragon Eggs, and the way to levels.


  • They seem to be 2 types of Dark Vines those who go into the ground when flamed or shot and those who are barely affected by flame.
  • They also appear in the Professor's nephew Blink's minigames where they cannot be permanently destroyed.

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