The Dastardly Bombers Station was a spaceship used by the Dastardly Bombers and commanded by Plasma Bomber in that served as main map in Super Bomberman 2 and 2nd world in Super Bomberman 5.

This station docked 4 domains belonging to 4 evil Bombers forming space fortress. Inside of stations contains different ambients depending of Bombers, inhabitants and traps.

In story intro, this station appear coming on earth where White Bomberman is captured and imprisoned him. This station is destroyed part by part when White Bomberman defeat Dastardly Bombers and remains fell to earth. In Super Bomberman 5, the station is rebuilt for Terrorin forming part of Terrorin World and where Dave Bomber & Gary Bomber are found.


  • Magnet Bomber's Station: Here was Magnet Bomber's domain where White Bomberman was imprisoned and same saving himself.
  • Golem Bomber's Station: Here was Golem Bomber's domain full with fire and oil line.
  • Pretty Bomber's Station: Here was Pretty Bomber's domain where Shiro meet with her for 1st time (as enemy).
  • Brain Bomber's Station: Here was Brain Bomber's domain with plataforms surrounded by pits.
  • Plasma Bomber's Station: Here only not was Plasma Bomber's domain, but was the command station too.