The Death-Ray

The Death-Ray

The Death-Ray is a fictional or theoretical weapon often utilized by mad scientists, supervillains and alien species in fiction - it is generally portrayed as a large and power laser that can be utilized for highly destructive means, a Death-Ray can vary from a personal-use weapon (which utilized as standard-issue weaponries) or a planet-destroying mega-beam (though those of sufficient strength to destroy worlds are more properly classed as Doomsday Devices).

Famous examples of Death-Rays come from spy-fiction such as James Bond and Austin Powers but they can be found in comics, cartoons and countless other media - not all of which are to do with spies.

List of Death-Rays

  • Death-Ray (origin: James Bond) (users: Goldfinger)
  • Death-Ray (origin: The Simpsons) (users: Hank Scorpio)
  • Death-Ray weaponry (origin: War of The Worlds) (users: Martians)
  • Count Olaf's Tower (origin: Series of Unfortunate Events) (users: Count Olaf)
  • Death-Star (origin: Star Wars) (users: Galactic Empire)


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