The Death Carrier

The Death Carrier

The Death Carrier is an enormous aeriel battleship that was almost always floating above the skies of Mobius and it is Sonic the Comic - Online!'s adaptation of the Egg Carrier. Renamed to fit with Doctor Robotnik never being named Eggman, the Death Carrier has a structure similar to its game counterpart with major differences.

Notably, it is armed with a weapon known as the Chaos Siphon, a weapon intended to suck all the Chaos Energy from Mobius and obliterate it. Inside, it contains an Egg-O-Matic controlled by Vichama.

The ship eventually was parked under the Flickies' Island (correctly known as the Flicky Island) and managed to destroy most of it as it rose up, before being overloaded with the energy of the Chaos Tap and consequently tearing itself apart and sinking.

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