Music Meister - Death Trap01:43

Music Meister - Death Trap

"Death Trap" is a song sung by the Music Meister from Mayhem of the Music Meister.


Music Meister: Gears grindin', 'ropes bindin', coils windin, for a super sap!
Death Trap!
Pistons pangin, clamps a-clangin', springs sprangin', it's the last lap!
Death Trap!

No encore for you this time, Batman! And I'm afraid it's closing night for my little birdie, too. A shame; we could have made such sweet music! But now the world awaits my final number... and I shouldn't keep them!

Black Canary: Acid steamin', blades gleamin', lasers beamin', final Night Cap!
Death Trap!
Bone crushin', 'flesh mushin', gore gushin', it's a dirt nap!
Death Trap!
Death Trap!
Death Trap!


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