Restricting the disturbed since 1922.
~ The Demented Hills Asylum's official slogan written on it's gateway sign.

The Demented Hills Asylum, also known as the "Demented Hills" or "D.H.A." for short, is a fictitious hillside mental institution in the 1997 Nickelodeon comedy movie Good Burger. This hospital is used to restrict the mentally disturbed for the safety of themselves and of the general public for 75 years since its founding in the early 1920s.

Mondo Burger CEO Kurt Bozwell called a friend named Wade who is a hospital employee over at Demented Hills to have both Ed and Dexter Reed committed there after he caught them discovering the Mondo Burger franchise's dirty secret, an illegal food addictive known as Triampathol. They were both thrown into a padded cell.

At the asylum's recreation area, Ed met with Heather and the two immediately fell in love, while Dexter was having a difficult time playing card games with the delusional and nasty patients. Ed later befriended a tall, mute male inmate with a violent temper called the Huge Scary Man whom Ed lets out of his straight jacket and goes on a rampage at a doctor's office inside the asylum.

Later that Otis was taken away to Demented Hills after stumbling upon Kurt's new plan to sabotage Good Burger with shark poison. He too has been thrown into the same padded cell with Ed and Dexter.

The next morning, There, he tells Ed and Dexter about Kurt's scheme to poison the "secret sauce". After Ed gotten the entire asylum to breaking out into song and dance while Dexter knocked 2 security guards, they escaped with the help of both Heather and the Huge Scary Man. They steal an ice cream truck, but are pursued by a Demented Hills van which crashed into Mr. Wheat's new mailbox. The three succeeded in saving Good Burger with Ed tackling an elderly customer from eating her poisoned burger before both Ed and Dexter goes to take down Kurt Bozwell for good.



  • The song "Knee Deep" (also known as "(Not Just) Knee Deep") which was played in the Demented Hills dance scene, was a funk song from the 1979 album Uncle Jam Wants You by the band Funkadelic including band member and singer George Clinton who also portrayed the "Dancing Crazy" among the dancing inmates in the movie.

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