The Despair


Out, out, brief candle! Life's but a walking shadow, a poor player, That struts and frets his hour upon the stage, And then is heard no more.
~ Macbeth, Macbeth.
Despiar makes us serve evil as well as good.
~ Hadewijch

Over the course of the story, due to difficulty in facing a certain obstacle, a character, be it hero or villain, would suffer despair.


Despair is the event of complete absence or loss of hope. Needless to say, it's an unfortunate turn of events that should a character unable to cope with it, he/she would be more vulnerable to the dark side (if the character is the villain, it would be worse as despair can strip him/her chance/reason for redemption).

Unfortunately, some villains, particulary mongers, would keep his/her victims in despair so nothing can oppose him/her. Everything would be worsened if he/she also an emotion vampires whom would feed on people's despair like food. In order to stop them, the hero whom facing such villains must have strong optimism that not only giving hope to the villains' victims, but also him/herself. Despair can also occured on villains' to, which would trigger their breakdown or one step for path of villainy.


All my plans. My hopes and dreams...ruined. RUINED!!!
~ Dr. Phillium Benedict on his plans for perfect education is ruined with the tractor beam destroyed.
Vlad Plasimus: Ecto-Ranium! Than I can never touch it. No one ghost can that means the Earth is doomed. And even if it wasn't I could never go back, I revealed my true self. I'll be forever hunted. Jack, you have to help me. You wouldn't turn your back on an old friend, would you? "Jack Fenton: An old friend? No. You? Yes!" Vlad Plasmius: Jack.
~ Vlad Plasmius despairing on the mistake he made revealing himself to Earth and forced them to have him become ruler so he can save it, with the Disateriod ghost proof. Not even his old friend Jack could help him now he seen Vlad's true nature, living him in the lurch and force the wander through space for the rest of his life.
Wolf? Wolf? WOLF! Wolf, you accepted me. You taught me how to live like you did, forgive me. I wasn't able to become a wolf, because of that I was the one that caused your death. But I'm still alive, where do I go now? WOLF! WOLF!
~ Chirin going through despair as the snow slowly fell.
Noohh... No...! My dream... my life...! I was going to be the king of this world!
~ Arius, before he was killed by Dante.


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