Lord Devimon's Castle

Devimon's Castle

Devimon's Castle (in Japanese: ダークモンス カストル Daakumonsu Kasutoru, lit. "Darkmon's Castle") is a hidden castle that is home and lair of the evil Devimon. It is located atop the Infinity Mountain on the File Island within the Digital World.

The castle's architecture is made in the style of ancient Greco-Roman palaces and it's halls are filled with dozens of grotesque and monstrous gargoyles filling the building's dark atmosphere and it fits Devimon's devilish attitude.

This castle is where Devimon lives and conducts schemes in his plan to conquer the entire Digital World.

Devimon's Castle was no more when before his final battle with the DigiDestined and their Digimon partners including Angemon, Devimon himself attacks his former servant Ogremon and transformed him into a swarm of Black Gears while summoning forth more Black Gears from all over the File Island to only to merge with him in order to increase his dark powers. Devimon becomes a giant version of himself and tears his own domain apart, leaving behind no remains of his Castle before leaping off the peak of the Infinity Mountain.


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