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Kamen Ride: Diend!
~ Transformation announcement
Final Attack Ride: (rider name)!
~ Finisher announcement

The Diendriver is a gun that gives Daiki Kaito the ability to become Kamen Rider Diend, it has the same functions like Decade's Decadriver, except for being able to be utilized as a normal firearm. To use a Rider Card, Diend places it inside the gun, loads it and fires it. Daiki usually fires the gun above him, sometimes in front of him to hit the opponent, in order to transform and activate other Rider Cards. He can also load multiple Rider Cards one right after another, causing all of them to activate at once when the trigger is pulled.


In the World of Shinkenger, the Ayakashi Chinomanako uses the Diendriver to transform into Diend Form, which was stolen from Diend. To use a Ride Card, Chinomanako places it inside the gun and fires it. Chinomanako uses Kaijin Ride Cards which give him the ability to summon monsters from other Kamen Rider Series. While the Diendriver is in Chinomanako's possession he can shoot eyeballs out of the Diendriver.

Once Chinomanako was destroyed by the teamwork of Decade Complete Form and Shinken Red, Diend reclaimed his Diendriver only after giving back the stolen Ika Origami to Shinken Gold.

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